DevOps Planning phase

4TestPlus starts from requirements or user stories. The first step is to make accaptence criteria from these inputs. Acceptance criteria is decribed by our Gherkin++ syntax. In this way acceptance criteria can be validated by any stakeholders. Here is an example on how to make acceptance criteria from requirements. Note that our acceptance criteria contains concrete values from which test cases can be generated.

Feature: Price reduction

R1. For online book purchasing, regular customers with VIP cards obtain a 10% price reduction.
R2. Customer buying books for at least EUR 50 gets a 10% price reduction.
R3. If somebody has a card and buys books for at least EUR 50, then the price reduction is 15%.
R4. The total book’s price appears on the screen.

From the requirements we can extract the categories which are parameters (variables in the code) and choices (values in the code). Here we get the following items:

VIP card owner (I): yes(S); no
book price (I): 49.99; 50(S)
price reduction (O): 10; 15; 0
total price (O): 45; 44.99; 42.5; 49.99
where (I) input, (O) output, any choice with (S) will be generated once

The next step is the creation of the acceptance criteria, we call them constraints:

Card owner: WHEN VIP card owner IS yes THEN price reduction IS 10 AND total price IS 44.99
Expensive: WHEN book price IS 50 THEN price reduction IS 10 AND total price IS 45
Both: WHEN VIP card owner IS yes AND book price IS 50 THEN price reduction IS 15 AND total price IS 42.5
No reduction: WHEN book price IS 49.99 AND VIP card owner IS no THEN price reduction IS 0 AND total price IS 49.99

You can see that each acceptance criterion has a name and you can undertstand immediately. The first constraint will test the case when a VIP card owner gets 10% price reduction, i.e. R1. Here book price should be just below EUR 50. Categories are connected to choices with IS. Inputs are descibed following WHEN and outputs are decribed following THEN

„Expensive” tests R2, „Both” test R3. We need an acceptance criteria for the case when no price reduction happens. This is not expecitely among the requirements, but it follows from them.

In 4TestPlus you can create a project which relates to an application and then features within a project. Requirements are involved in each feature to cover them with acceptance criteria from which the tests are generated.

The figure below shows the whole process and the planning phase described here.


You can use the 4Test model-based testing tool, which has been invented to make test design more efficient. After registration, you will receive the link to the 4Test automated test design tool and user guide.


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